Chan Koonchung’s satirical dystopian novel  has never been published in mainland China. The novel is set in the futuristic landscape of 2013, where China basks in a “olden Age of Ascendancy” while the West grapples with economic turmoil. Follow Lao Chen, a Hong Kong writer in Beijing, as he navigates a life of comfort yet struggles with creative block. Renting apartments for income and attending film nights with friends, Lao’s routine life is upended when he’s drawn into a mysterious quest by his old ally Fang Caodi, who is obsessed with uncovering the vanished February of 2011. Amidst this intrigue, Lao reencounters his past love, Wei Xihong, a former lawyer turned online crusader, adding layers of complexity to this gripping tale of suspense, history, and the search for truth.

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Black Swan

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